In an industry as potentially dangerous as tree care, you need assurance of your safety and the safety of your property from your tree service contractors. Unfortunately, we often see the terrible results of subpar companies’ ineptitude, such as damaged homes or cars, fallen power lines, and injury to the remaining trees.

Save Yourself Time, Trouble, and Money

Fly-by-night contractors tend to pop up after a major storm has caused damage to a locale, and these companies will target unsuspecting homeowners with quick-work claims or even outright lies. Avoid future problems by choosing Simply Trees for tree services!

Simply Trees’ owners have over 20 years of experience with the trees indigenous to California, plus the landscaping, soil types, and root systems common to the local area. We have seen it all, and we are a trustworthy, capable company offering professional services paired with exceptional customer service.

Give Simply Trees a call to come assess your commercial greenspace or residential property today!