Whether you are a homeowner with a few trees, or a commercial property manager responsible for hundreds of them, it is essential that you take steps to remove a dying plant as soon as you notice the telltale signs. Here are three quick tips on spotting the early symptoms.

Mushroom Growth

Many species of fungus will grow only on wood that is no longer living. Mushrooms known as "shelf" or "bracket" fungi tend to be decomposers, and are a sure sign of a dying tree.

Root Issues

Signs of severe root injury include leaning trees, and trees with new branches sprouting from the base of the trunk. Common causes include new construction, and uneven settling of the ground.

Lack of Leaves or Bark

Bald spots in a tree's canopy or on areas of its branches and trunk are a good signal that the plant's system is failing.

If you are concerned that one or more of the trees on your property is dying, it's essential that you take care of the problem in advance of the next round of severe weather. Fallen branches not only pose an immediate safety hazard, they can lead to power outages and serious property damage. Make sure to contact a local company specializing in tree removal as soon as you notice the warning signs. Call Simply Trees at 925-321-2421.