Preparing landscape trees for the winter freeze is an essential step in the fall gardening regiment. Proper protection will help your plants last through the winter and spring to life again when temperatures begin to rise. Use these tips for protecting your trees this winter.

Offer Water Until the Ground Freezes

When the outdoor temperatures dip and the leaves begin to fall, many gardeners mistakenly cut off water to their trees. Plenty of water should be applied to the root zone at regular intervals until the ground freezes to keep plants healthy.


Adding a layer of bark or straw mulch can help insulate a sapling’s immature root systems. Be sure to keep any mulch 3-4 inches away from the trunk to avoid issues with rodents or rot.

Push Back Pruning

For most plants, the best time to prune is late in the dormancy period. Cutting causes a growth spurt of tender shoots. Fall pruning leaves this new growth susceptible to winter damage and should be avoided.

Deflect Sunlight

Even during a frigid January day, the sun can warm the bark of your trees and cause sunscald and splitting. To keep internal temperatures even, have the trunks painted white or wrapped with specialized tree wrap.

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