Living on a property without a fence can make things a little challenging when it comes to raising a family and owning pets. You may not feel confident letting your children play outside when it is so easy for them to wander off the property. Building a fence provides an immediate solution.

Since putting in a fence is a major project, you should plan first. It is likely that you will need to make changes, such as clearing, leveling or removing trees from the yard. If you want to install a fence but you're worried about the trees in your yard, working with a with tree service professional is an ideal way to get your yard ready for fence building.

Remove Obstructing Trees

When you look at your yard and start drawing out a plan for the fencing, you may plan on building around the trees that are along the edges of the property. But, you should consider removing the trees that are in the way of a perfect setup.

The fence is a feature that will add value to your home, but so will large, beautiful trees. If you're worried about your budget and getting the most for your money, talk to professionals to determine the cost to remove each tree and then you can decide whether you want some or all of the trees removed and if a fence or the trees will add more value to your home.

Trim Hanging Branches

Another obstacle that can get in the way of building a fence is hanging branches. Some trees naturally have branches that are low to the ground. Trimming these branches is an important step before you hire a fencing company. Since local rules often limit backyard fences to 6 feet high, you will need to clear branches that are lower than that.

It is possible for branches to get in the way of the fence over time, which might require you to keep up with trimming to prevent the branches from touching the fence. Also, you want to avoid a situation in which the branches end up breaking and damaging the fence.

If you're worried about the effect of pruning on your tree's health, you could hire a tree trimming service that comes with an inspection, so that you will always feel confident about the health of your trees.

Grind Down Stumps

Removing a random tree stump on your property is not necessary, but you should get rid of the stumps that are near where you want to install a fence. This will make it easier for the fencing professionals to deliver materials to the area and to work on the fence's construction. If you want to level the fencing area, you can get help from tree experts to clear the surrounding landscape.

Plan for New Trees     

If you end up removing some trees, you will notice a change in your yard's look. While the addition of a fence will make a huge difference, you may miss the greenery. So, while you are getting tree trimming and removal service, you can begin to plan for growing new trees.

An essential part of the process is picking trees that grow well in the Livermore area. But, you also want to prioritize trees that are not going to cause damage to your fence. Two tree types worth considering are oak and maple because they fit both requirements. After picking the trees you want, you can plant them once you've finished building the fence.

Adding a fence to your property is something that takes a lot of planning and preparation. Contact our experts at Simply Trees to get started with working on your trees before building.