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The Importance of Stump Grinding

stump grinding

Owning property comes with as many responsibilities as it does advantages, such as tree maintenance. While trees add beauty to any property, stumps are left behind when they must be cut down. As a result, this could cause a number of issues. However, hiring a stump grinding service is an effective way to safely remove tree stumps and to improve the appearance of your lawn.

Exposed Stumps Are Unsafe

When stumps are left on a property, they can pose a safety risk to anyone who visits your home. Young children and pets who run and play in the yard might trip and fall over stumps that are hidden in tall grass or cut themselves on cracked or torn pieces of the stump. Small stumps could cause sprained or broken ankles when they catch people unaware.

Stumps Attract Insects

When stumps are left to decay, they become attractive to insects that bore into wood. These bugs include:
  • Termites
  • Wasps
  • Beetles

Not only are some of these pests potentially dangerous, their nests may spread to the exterior of your home and cause serious infestations. A professional stump grinding service will remove decaying stumps before insects can make a home there.

Call in a Professional

Removing stumps from your property will make it safe and improve its appearance. However, it should only be performed by a service that has the experience to perform the job safely and efficiently. For more information on stump grinding, call Simply Trees in Livermore.
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