Professional Tree Pruning in Livermore

The expert staff at Simply Trees has over 20 years of experience caring for landscapes across Livermore. We provide expert tree pruning services, and have the knowledge and equipment to safely care for your landscape. Hiring a professional is important for proper plant health, which is a great first defense against damage and disease. We remove dead and unhealthy wood, and can recommend future care to enhance the vitality of your trees. Our crew knows how to shape branches to support mature weight, and can quickly and accurately prune to improve structure and vigor. We are licensed, bonded, adequately insured, and dedicated to serving you promptly and efficiently.

Reasons to Shape Your Foliage

While there are a variety of reasons to shape a tree, improper or frivolous cutting can damage the structure of the plant and shorten its life span. Cutting branches stimulates and directs growth, which can be helpful in planning the future shape and in establishing a framework for mature weight. Early intervention is also great if the plant is growing near obstructions or close to the house. Removing dead wood, rubbing branches and dangerous limbs, such as those near power lines, is essential for safety and an attractive landscape. Sometimes specimens are thinned to increase light filtration to the lower branches or yard. Our crew is trained and always keeps in mind the balance between plant health and urban environmental requirements.
A big tree before trimming — Simply Trees in Manteca, CA

Call for Trimming in Dublin and Pleasanton

The best way to ensure that your landscape is properly cared for is to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We will provide a free estimate and design a program that fits your budget and the needs of your plants. For pruning or tree removal services across Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Blackhawk, San Ramon, Alamo and Danville, give us a call at 925-321-2421.