Skillful Company Trimming Trees in Livermore

At Simply Trees, we understand that tree trimming is a combination of art and science that requires study and skill to ensure the health of the plant. Our certified arborists are dedicated to tree cutting practices that create a beautiful, healthy landscape and plants that will provide shade and comfort for years to come.

Benefits of Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a great way to control height and weight in saplings as well as mature specimens. Our crew expertly removes portions of the structure of the plant in order to reduce strain on branches and to shape future growth. Eliminating dead wood, water sprouts and branches clustered too closely allows the tree to direct spring growth toward desirable limbs. The goal in this process is to never remove more than 25 percent of the total canopy, which is the plant’s source of food and energy. Topping trees puts severe strain on the plants, and we always recommend crown reduction as an alternative to this destructive method. We can also reshape the structure of your specimen to preserve clearance for pedestrians, vehicles or equipment.

Expert View Cutting

Tree shaping is an essential component in preserving the view from your yard or windows. Our staff has vast experience cutting out views while keeping in mind the health and longevity of the plant. We can also trim branches to increase access to vents, satellite dishes and other areas of your home or to improve visibility for vehicles.
A big tree beside a garage — Simply Trees in Manteca, CA

We Also Service Dublin, Pleasanton and More

Our licensed, bonded and insured team would love to visit your property and provide a free estimate for tree trimming. Give us a call at 925-321-2421 for service in Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, Blackhawk, Livermore, Dublin or Pleasanton.